Range2Image Addon

Productivity tool for Google Sheets™ web-based spreadsheet program

The addon will save the selected range to an image and save it to Google Drive™.

Please see the article with the demo for more information and sample code.


Install the addon from Marketplace. It will appear in your Extensions menu.


  1. Select a range

  2. Click on menu: Extensions > Range2Image > Convert Selection to Image

  3. The addon will convert the selection to a *.png image and save it to your Drive™.

Note: addon will create a folder called 📁Range2Image in your root directory.


  1. The addon only works after you share your Spreadsheets for anyone to view

  2. Emojis are not converted to PDF during the import and are not shown.

  3. The range size is limited to 1100 rows/columns.

  4. Some large ranges will fail to render.

  5. If your range contains heavy borders, it may not fit the image. Manual fix: select a few empty rows below the range.

  6. Big ranges may contain empty space below the range

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