Max Makhrov


I am a blogger, and developer at

I post solutions for working with data in Google Apps Script, and Google Spreadsheets.

Since 2015 I have been running a video blog about tables, my videos have been viewed more than 300 thousand times.

Currently, I am developing an accounting system for clients from Ukraine, Israel, and the USA.


Twitter: @max__makhrov


Below are some of my projects:

Designers Team

API, MySql, Jira


Gas, Formula, DataStudio

Road Service

Gas, Formula

Marketing Agency

Big Query, API, Gas

Ingeneering Company

Gas, Formula

SaaS Owners

API, GDS-Connector


Gas, Formula, GlideApps


Gas, Formula


Chingis, SaaS Owner

Dias, Consultant

Maxim, Manufacturer

Mika, Designer

Sam, Stock Trader


Vladimir, Road Service CEO

Ordan, Owner of Engineering Co


My services are turnkey. I solve questions about the architecture and the chosen tool.

I take custody of the project and support it after delivering the result.


My recommendations are:

Personal development:

  1. Ray Dalio, "Principles"

  2. Kelly McGonigal, "The Willpower Instinct"

  3. Gavin Kennedy, "Everything is Negotiable"

Google Sheets and Scripts:

  1. Ben Collins

  2. Tanaik

  3. Amit Agarwal