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👋 Hello, my name is Max. 

This page describes how to order my consultation. If you have a Spreadsheet dream and need help...


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🎩Sheets | Scripts | Automation

Here're a few possible topics:

Solve Problems

🧐should you use Sheets?

🐌 how to speed up Sheets?

⛑️how to backup data?

🧬how to make formula?

🔒how to secure my data?


⚡how to automate?

➡️how to write scripts?

🔗how to connect Sheets to?

⏰can I run code each day?

Build a System

📌how to validate data entry?

📢how to make notifivations?

🥳how to make reports?

Here are technologies we may discuss, sorted by my level of experience:

About me

Max Makhrov

A geeky person, who has 17+ years of experience in developing Spreadsheets:

— I've worked with Google Sheets since 2011.

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I am Google Workspace Innovator Champion (`2022)

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Please note that my price may change in the future. The price covers 1 hour of consultation + my time to prepare for the meeting. 

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Before the meeting, I recommend you send me your questions and sample files. This will help me to prepare some useful links and to generate a few ideas. Our meeting will be more productive this way.

The best way you can do it is to share a Spreadsheet with me. In case you have confidential business information, please create a mockup of your real data. I do not use my client's info and do not share it on the Web. 

✈️Get the consultation

For Business

The main goal is to save time and money. Sheets/Scripts & Automation will help!

You may book my consultation if you wish to hire a freelancer, and you want to get a professional estimation and roadmap for your project. 

For Individuals

You may also want to learn how to code on your own, and you seek what topics to learn and what methods to use. 

This knowledge will power you up! Your boss will definitely approve it, and you'll have an advantage over your colleagues.

🎁After the meeting

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