My add-on presents a revolutionary and innovative approach to image conversion from selected ranges, a feat that was previously thought to be unachievable. 

This tool effortlessly converts your chosen range into a .png image, which is subsequently saved to your Google Drive™. Notably, the operation of this add-on creates a designated folder named 'Range2Image' in your root directory for easy location of your converted images.

User Internal add-on

This project involved the development of an internal Google Sheets Add-on for a CEO, predominantly to access Data for CEO API. For this, I implemented functions that run tasks in parallel, a feature that significantly improved speed and efficiency. 

One of the key parts of the project was integrating Google's BigQuery for data analytics, which added a high level of depth to data analysis within the Google Sheets interface. This functionality gave the CEO remarkable detail and ease in their data examination process. 

Spreadsheet Daddy

AI add-on for Spreadsheet Daddy utilizes HTML service to overcome the standard 6-minute script runtime limit. 

With extended hours of operation, it can handle the processing of millions of words. 

Developed using a modern framework, it has an appealing HTML interface and generates custom user outputs—an ideal solution for those requiring bulk data handling in 'fabrique' mode.

Your add-on?

Enhance Your Business Operations with Custom Google Sheets Solutions!

Dear Business Users,

I'm excited to extend a limited-time offer to elevate your business performance. As a specialist in crafting tailor-made Google Sheets add-ons, I can create precisely what you need to streamline your operations.

Whether you need to manage databases (MySQL, BigQuery, Firestore), create seamless API connections, design intuitive user interfaces, or visualize data with Looker Studio, I have you covered. Furthermore, my expertise spans developing Cloud functions, chatbots, and webhooks to generate a comprehensive solution, complete with advanced features such as dependent lists for Sheets, HTML inputs, forms automation, and more for an enhanced Google Drive experience.

Important: This offer is time-restricted! I am currently developing a proprietary add-on, CoolTables, which will mark my transition from freelancing to running my own enterprise. 

Don't let this exclusive chance to transform your business processes with advanced Google Sheets add-ons slip by! Fill the hiring form, and together, we can harness the power of Google Sheets to reshape your business for optimum efficiency.

Best regards,

Max Makhrov

Max Desiak, founder of Spreadsheet Daddy

My experience with Max has been nothing but positive. We successfully built the MVP. He helped me not only to build and shape the product but also with the Google verification process, which is pretty tough.

He's been supporting me every step of the way. Honestly, I underestimated how difficult building a seemingly simple Google Sheets add-on could be and I realized that without Max's help, I would not have been able to build this product and ship it to the market. 

If you're looking for some help with Google Sheets, building simple automation, or creating an actual add-on, whether for internal or external use, I highly recommend you work with Max. Thank you.