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🐝Hello, Grid

An empty grid is the first thing you see when you open a sheet

And this empty grid blows the imagination! Grid is freedom. 

You can do anything with Grid. 

Grid is the reason why Spreadsheets are popular. 

🥸3 Boring Facts about Grid


My cursor is in the cell:


It is because I've clicked my mouse on this cell.

It is in row 5 and in column B.


The displayed value is 


This is because after I clicked on the cell, I typed "5-2"


The real value is the date:


This is because Spreadsheets automatically convert values like "5-2" to the closest date.

You can use this fact if you want to enter dates faster with Sheets.

If you wish to get the 5th of May of the current year, just type "5-2".


Practice is the best way to understand Grid. Imagine, you are a young wizard, learning spells in Hogwarts.  The trick is in the correct movement of your magic wand. Instead of a wand, you'll have your computer mouse.

Create a new Spreadsheet, and just click everywhere, to see what happens. 

🪄Use your mouse


Here are places to Right-Click your mouse:

🖱️Click once

The places are:



🖱️Click once and move the mouse right

Left-click the mouse and hold the button, while moving it!


🖱️Click once and move the mouse down


🖱️Click once and move the mouse right & down


These "simple" movements of your mouse may appear not that simple if you try Google Sheets for the first time. Finally, you'll notice you're doing right. Please be attentive when you right-click on cells, rows, or columns.  You may see lots of items to choose from. Try them all! Be brave as Gryffindor.

Great job!

One day you'll become a real Spreadsheets Wizard and Google Sheets will understand your thoughts.

For now, if you want to work faster here's a secret: use your keyboard.

💪🏼Use your Keyboard

Please see, I've starred a few keys :

They are best friends of Google Sheets wizards ... after Google Search of course.

There's one important thing I ask you to do inside your Spreadsheet:

Congratulations! Now you know the basics about Spreadsheets grid, and you're ready to go next level!

Level 2. 🗺️Explorer

What's next: