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🤓Data Theory

Wow! We're in the future! We're using "smart" machines called computers.

Computers are made of numbers. This means if you say "Hello", Mr. Computer will not understand you:

Me: — Hello, Mr. Computer!

💻: — ?!

Google Sheets is the same as Computers. Sheets do not understand human-like greetings. That's why geeky people invented ways to say "Hello" in a manner that Google Sheets will understand you!

The way Google Sheets can serve you well

Look at this example Sheet →

Isn't it beautiful?

This sample shows one way to organize data in Spreadsheets. You see:

  1. Columns

  2. Column = 1 piece of information

    1. 🔠text,

    2. 🗓️date,

    3. 🔟number,

    4. 👾etc.

  3. Data is consistent:

    1. Text = is always the text

    2. Number = is always the number

    3. Date = is always the date.

This way works perfectly for Google Sheets and for the Computer that operates it.


Try it right now!

Here is the link:

Click on the button "Use Template" and you'll have your copy. Everything is set up and ready to use.

Your task is to add a new row at the bottom of previously entered data. These tips will help you:

1. Move ⬇️ to Free Row

The first challenge you'll face: Google Sheets will open the whole table. This means you will see ~20 first rows of data on the screen.

Your task is to find the last filled row & see the first free row below it.

Common ways out:

🐌 Scroll with your mouse down

🐇Use a Shortcut: press [Ctrl]+[↓] and the cursor will move down immediately!

2. Enter 🗓️Date

The fast way to enter a date is to type this:


↑ for the 10th of October. Type "month minus day", the current year will be added automatically.

Common ways:

🐌 Double click and select from Calendar

🐇Enter from the keyboard: 10-10

🐇Use a Shortcut: press [Ctrl]+[;] to enter the current date.

3. Enter ✅Check

A CheckBox is an object in Sheets that lets you click and enter a value:


Common ways to use Checkbox:

🐇Clisk on it

🐇Select a cell or cells with checkboxes and press [Space] on your keyboard.

4. Select from 🔽Drop-Down

Google Sheets let to create drop-downs to validate the entry.

Working with drop-down:

🐌Double-click the cell and select an item from a dropdown

🐌OR select a cell & press [Enter] to show dropdown

🐇Srart typing, if you type "A", all words starting from this letter will be shown. If you see multiple items, continue typing the word: "Ap" for Apple. Or use the arrow key [↓] to select the correct item. Press [Tab] to select and enter it.

5. 😍Dependent Drop-Down

🎉 Congratulations! If you are on this step, you've just used Google Apps Script. App Script is a programming language that lets us automate work.

The list of prices is dependent. It appears after you've selected a product. Only prices for this product will appear!

The sample file that you use has a bound Apps Script project. This project has a code I've made for you.


  1. Select one product & see available prices

  2. Change it to another product. New prices are available now.

6. Numbers...

Inserting numbers is easy as you have to type a few digits. This task os easy.

7. 🧬Formulas

Please be careful with the value in column F.

This value is special. It is calculated automatically with the help of Formula.

[Cost Sold⚡] = [Price,💲] × [Quantity]*

* in the case of success

The formula will break if you overwrite the calculated value.

That's all I wanted to show you. I hope, you've enjoyed the journey.

You're now level up!

Level 3. 👟Sprinter

What's next:

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  2. Go right to the next part.