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CoolTables Addon. As a frequent user of Google Sheets, you know how much time and effort goes into performing repetitive tasks. That's why I'm developing an addon that automates those tasks, making your work more efficient and streamlined. And as a subscriber to my email list, you'll be the first to hear about updates and details about the development process, including how much time I spend and what I accomplish. If you're interested in learning more about this productivity tool, sign up today! 

17 years of experience

The idea is to convert a range from PDF data to image data!

There are several questions for converting cell range to an image in Stackoverflow. This approach is the most realistic for achieving the goal, and it will be useful to you and other users.

We recommend using the script if:

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💚Formulas Tools & Tips

Trick for formatting low numbers

This is a sample formula + conditional formatting for creating shapes in a Spreadsheet grid.

Present it to one you love!

🥇Template Galery 

My dashboard in the Spreadsheet Gladiator Challenge was featured here!

Collection of 50+ named function for any case :)

Use CONDITION_ONE_OF_RANGE hidden function to filter the range by multiple matches from a list.

BENCHMARK named function to test the speed of your formulas.

🐇Gantt Chart ArrayFormula

Named function Sheets

with new BYROW this function should work much faster

It's breaking the rules!

BYROW + LAMBDA in Google Sheets can convert any function into Array Formula

Did you know about the OR condition for QUERY in #GoogleSheets 

Here's how to select all rows where the region is




=QUERY({A4:C};"where Col1 matches 'West|East'") 

TYPE function in #GoogleSheets helped me to figure out why 2 of my cells are not equal.

This was a chellange — create own Bar Code Formula using SparkLine function.


Dependent drop-down lists can be used to create a dynamic list of choices in Google Sheets.

Automate tasks in Google Sheets, Documents, Forms, Drive, and other Google services.

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Please see my Git-Hub Repo

It has 160+⭐stars, but it's still messy. One day I'd like to take care of the beautiful description and better structure of the files later.

Any ideas are welcome!

Library lets you send emails, using 

The library takes care of parameters, so you do not need to care about which method to use. 


Library for converting Google Sheets™ Into PDF.


⚙️ All PDF settings including colontitles = custom headers and footers.

🔌Input parameters is a single plain object.

Jsonatags is a library that enables the use of the Jsonata.js 

It helps you to manipulate jsons with a query-like language.