Automation Samples — is a project containing Google Sheet, and bound Script with the code for simple repetitive tasks.

Automate tasks in Google Sheets, Documents, Forms, Drive, and other Google services.

1. Automate time-consuming tasks: automate tasks that would otherwise take a long time to complete manually, such as creating templated documents and creating drive folders.

2. Streamline workflows: adjust settings in Gooogle Sheet's Tab and eliminate hardcoding to the script.

3. Save time: automating tasks can save you a lot of time, and reuse the same code for different business tasks.

Dependent drop-down lists can be used to create a dynamic list of choices in Google Sheets. When the user makes a selection from the first drop-down list, the choices in the second drop-down list will be updated based on the selection. This can be used to create a cascading list of choices.

  1. Classical example: create drop-down lists of countries, states, and cities. You are not limited to the number of nested lists. You may also create 2 dependent rules when the result of drop-down 2 will affect new lists of 2 and more dependent columns.

  2. Dependent lists will be created fast. For 50K rows of data, the speed is less than a second. It can be this fast due to the use of Cache. Data can be read quickly with Google Cache service.

  3. Flexible settings will allow you to skip columns, end the rule on a specific row, and use range as the last validation source.

  4. You may also use sources from other Spreadsheets. This will allow you to hide the database from the end-users, still allowing them to use the data.