🥇Google Spreadsheets Templates Galery 

To make your copy: open sample spreadsheet → go to the menu File > Make a copy or use ALT+F→C shortcut 

🦓Barcode with SPARKLINE

I was really impressed by this post by @benlcollins! It uses SPARKLINE to draw a chart.

And what about drawing a barcode with a SPARKLINE function?

⏱️Next Event ArrayFormula

Suppose you have 2 columns

The goal is to find the next event in order to track the time passed.

🦒Unpivot Formula

Smart Unpivot in #GoogleSheets. Well, as smart as I can do for the moment ;)

PS. This little🦒 helped me a lot with the formula!

🍫Chocolate Bar Chart

My dashboard in the Spreadsheet Gladiator Challenge.

Without the use of scripts!

🕵Autofill Missed Values

The formula is ↓






❤️The Love Formula 

I confessed my love to Sheets!

This is a sample formula + conditional formatting for creating shapes in a Spreadsheet grid.

📐Extract diagonals

You may read this article about Taxicab geometry (I have no idea what it is).

Or see my sample Spreadsheet formula for extracting diagonals↓


This one may be is the most useful template.

I use it for any complex project now. Helps to easily organize tasks and feel the control over process.

📦Pack & Unpack

Pack = convert range or array to a single cell text value.

Unpack = convert backed text velue back to array.