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🤗Meet your Friends!

When you work in the same Google Sheet, Slide, or Document, you may see where your peer's cursor is.

Here're a few tips for you:


Share Spreadsheet with anyone by their email.

Click [Share] & try the gear ⚙️ to see advanced security options.


Select a cell & use [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[M] to create a comment inside a cell.

Add @ in the comment & add email address to send notification

Use Comment Icon near the |Sheet name| to see all comments


During a meeting, use [Ctrl] + Mouse wheel 🎡 on the top of Sheet's screen to ZOOM fast.

Press [F11] to use FullScreen Browser mode. This will let you show more info on screen.

Zoom/Meet? Or Mobile + Sheet? Make a usual phone call and enter the same Sheet in case of a slow internet connection.


During demonstration click the user's avatar 🤓 to see where their cursor is.


Use Filter Views...

The great power of Spreadsheets is filtering. You need to see part of your data on screen at a time. The old way to do that was a regular filter. Now we have a better thing — filter views:

  1. Filter Views are a special "regime" of a Sheet. Only you see your newly created view, no other user is affected.

  2. Filter Views are saved automatically and have their names. You can create saved filers for each case.

  3. Filter Views have unique URLs. This means you can copy the URL, and share it with a peer.

As the interface may change, the best way to learn it is through the official guide. Please learn more on how to create a Filter View here:

And see my sample Filter View:

That's all we wanted to show for beginners. Sheets have a lot more fun: formulas, formats, scripts, add-ons, etc. If you want to learn that, you're not a beginner anymore. At this step, your next level is:

Level 4. 🌟 Super-Star

What's next:

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