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Before you start using Google Sheets, you'll need to follow one step:

Step 1/1. Create Google Account

Do you have a Google Account? If you use Gmail, the answer is yes.  Just skip this step.

To start your journey, you'll need to have a Google Account. 

You'll have to fill out the form, like this →

After that, you'll be ready to go


You are now using Google Workspace products like billions of other people. Congratulations!!!

↑ Google Workspace Products

Google Sheets lives in a Cloud 

We'll describe Google Sheets. Other Google Workspace products work the same way. This is why it's easy and fun to learn one :)

Here're common features of all Google Workspace "Cloud" products: 

💽 No need to save

You do not save anything on your device. All files are physically stored on other computers, connected to the Web, and called "Cloud".

You do not save your progress. Everything you type is saved automatically. This feature is especially good as it frees your energy. You spend your time creating things, not managing them.

🕵🏼 Privacy

Spreadsheets are 🕵🏼private.  If you create a new Spreadsheet it belongs to your Google Account, to you, and only you. No one else will be able to see its contents, even if they will know the URL. 

🔗 Sharable URL

Each Spreadsheet has a unique URL

↑ This is how the URL to the Spreadsheet looks in Chrome.

Google Sheets work from browsers: Chrome, Mozilla, etc. It will open from any device, any time you wish to. Your Spreadsheet is like a website and it gives you more freedom compared to  files on your computer: 

👪Work Together

You can share your Spreadsheets with others. Each file on Google Drive has an owner, viewers, and editors.  By default the only one who sees your Google Sheet is yourself. If you want to share the file with others, please read this instruction. 

🏡Google Drive

Spreadsheets have a home — 🏡Google Drive. You will never lose your sheets if you know where to search for them. Just visit this URL (https://drive.google.com/drive) to see all files that belong to you. 

Simple but powerful home for your stuff.

Google Drive is cloud storage with files & 📁folders. You may create a folder for your work, hobby, client, period of time, etc. By this you'll organize your files. I reccomend you that any file of yours has it's own folder.


I say cloud a lot, but there's nothing special in this term. Cloud means that Google has tons of computers, and keeps them as safe as Pentagon. These computers hold and operate everything. Looks safe to me.

If you want to take a look at Google fellows taking care of your Sheets, please see this Gallery.


And Google Sheets are free to use!

🎓 Homework. Create your own Spreadsheet

Before you go, please make a new Sheet. 

There're many ways to create new Sheets. Here're a few:

1️⃣Go to your Google Drive and add new Google Spreadsheet with a "plus" button =>

2️⃣ Create a new Sheet with a special "secret" URL =>


Great! You are now level up!

Level 1. ❣️Brave Heart 

What's next?